Sinead Buckney


Price Guide

I have included a basic price guide to give you an idea of cost. Simple repairs and designs would cost less than this.

  • Simple silver band from $100 – 6mm wide, 1.5mm thick (approx 6 grams)
  • The same in
    • 9ct gold from $350
    • 18ct gold from $600
    • Palladium from $500
    • Platinum from $950 (6g of platinum will be smaller dimensions)

A VERY* rough price guide for stones:

  • 4mm, 0.25ct diamond from $800
  • 5mm, 0.50ct diamond from $3000
  • 5.5mm, 0.75ct diamond from $4500
  • 6.5mm, 1ct diamond from $8000
  • 1ct emerald $3000
  • 1ct ruby $1500
  • 1ct blue sapphire $500
  • 1ct amethyst $25
  • 1ct garnet $20

*prices vary massively depending on colour, size, quality and availability

See metals and stones section of FAQ for more information.

Due to the price of precious metals increasing daily, I need to calculate prices based on the price of the day.
The main things that will affect the price of any piece is the time involved in making the piece, the amount and type of metal and any precious stones.

Even if a new commission piece is similar to one in my current collection, due to design and consultation time, prices can be higher. I offer a no obligation quote.

Thinking about having something made?

Here are some things to think about:

  • What would you like made?
  • A ring, necklace, cufflinks, bracelet or other?
  • Do you want to match or compliment something you have?
  • Such as a fitted wedder?
  • Do you have old gold you would like to use?
  • What metal would you like your piece made from?
  • Do you have stones you would like to use?

Or would you like me to source you a stone, such as your birthstone, your favourite colour or one from my unusual collection?

  • Is this piece for a special occasion?
  • Does it have sentimental value?
  • Do you want it to have an inspiration point – a holiday, place, thing?

What shapes do you like? Do you like symmetry? Organic? Classical? Simplistic? Chunky? Delicate?

It is a good idea to collect pictures of things you like, look on the internet, gather images of anything that appeals to you, not just jewellery!

What is your budget? We can use less expensive stones and metals, and simplify the design to create something within your budget.

I will gather all this information from you and then use it to create hand-drawn design ideas. You can then advise me of those you are drawn to and what you like about each one. I can then refine one that appeals to you, or combine elements from a few.

Once we have decided on a design I can work out the exact price, then we can get started! It only takes a few days to make your piece, depending on if I need to source material and of course, my current work schedule!

You can view your piece at any point along the way, such as to check stones, sizes and so on.

Once we have a finished piece I will rework the design if you are unsatisfied in any way, I can re-polish your piece for free at any time and repair any faults at no charge.