Sinead Buckney

Guarantee & Maintenance


If you buy something from me and it does not live up to your expectations I am happy to return it for you. If there is a problem with the item I will repair or replace it at no charge (excluding wear and tear) In the case of wear and tear, with regular check ups the piece can be repaired at minimal cost. If it is beyond repair I can offer you a replacement if I still have the facilities to make the piece – that goes for missing earrings also! If I make a commission for you and it is not what you wanted I will work with you to resolve this until it is perfect (within reason).

I can resize rings I have in stock at no charge and will happily clean and polish your piece from me at no charge. Unfortunately stones, once sold, cannot be exchanged or returned.

Challenge Me!

Please come to me with your weird and wonderful requests and questions and I will do my best to resolve the problem – give me a challenge! There are always alternative options when it comes to jewellery and if you have been told it can't be done in the past I will give you an honest answer to the best of my knowledge of what can be done. I understand that although a piece may not be worth a lot of money, it can be of huge sentimental value to you to be able to keep wearing it is priceless.

If I can't help, I will point you in the right direction!

Looking after your jewellery

I supply all silver pieces with a tarnish resistant tab (which absorbs sulphur) simply keep your item in a airtight bag with this to keep it at its best.

If you have a piece that is tarnished, for highly polished pieces just rub with a silver cleaning cloth. If it is a textured piece the best option is silver dip to get into all the recesses (don't use it with pearls) just wash well with water afterwards. If your piece has been oxidised (blackened to look old or highlight a design) beware that this will come off also in silver dip. If you do this by accident, it can easily be redone by a jeweller. If there are lots of scratches and dings in the piece, these can only be removed by a jewellers polishing machine.

I make all my jewellery with the intention it can be worn everyday (if you love it, why keep it in a drawer?) So I make it durable to handle the wear and tear of normal activities – however I do not recommend wearing your jewellery for heavy labour or gardening. If you do, please remember to get it checked every 6 months to a year.

Cleaning gemstones

The best way to get that stone sparkling like new is to find and old toothbrush and gently clean it from behind with lukewarm soapy water – if it is stubborn and impossible to reach, bring it to a jewellers where they can put it in the magical ultrasonic! (Which vibrates and loosens dirt).
Be wary of emeralds – don't leave them in water for too long.

Check-ups for your jewellery

Metal is soft, and inevitably will wear as it is rubbed against things (noticed that your gold chain has got longer over the years, or have you created a groove in your engagement ring from your spinning wedding ring?) So every so often have a good look at it to see if any of the stones have become loose – by trying to wiggle it with your finger, or holding it to your ear and listening for a rattle. Rub it against a cloth to see if any of the claws are catching and look to see if there is still metal over the stone holding it in place. This can be hard to see (even for those who don't yet wear glasses!) so if you have any concerns, or you happen to be in there anyway, get your jeweller to have a closer look. It doesn't cost anything and as we know – prevention is better than the cure!

If you have a precious piece of jewellery, consider having a valuation done and then insuring it. This way you have a current evaluation of the value and a clear description and image of the ring – most people are pleasantly surprised with the results!