Sinead Buckney



I always seem to have a backlog of new ideas, shapes and patterns in mind, I'm constantly collecting images and photos of things that appeal to me, even in the tiniest detail. I sketch the parts that appeal on paper, often ending up with a page full of doodles. Some of the shapes and patterns, I return to over and over, varying and refining them before finally moving to creating the piece in metal.

The design is never finalised, I am translating it into metal. From there I decide the potential of the piece and it often stems many other ideas while I resolve the current design. Sitting at my workbench concentrating on a piece, hours often pass me by.

I love the daily challenges and problem solving jewellery provides, never restricting myself to what I already know, always keeping practical considerations in mind.

Sometimes the starting point is an unusual stone I have fallen in love with. I use its shape, inclusions and colour as starting points. I love the natural inclusions that reveal the secret structure of the stone. I am attracted to rich colours in stones, good enough to eat!

My Philosophy

I believe that for significant jewellery purchases, knowledge is power. I have included lots of information on my website to try and clear up any misconceptions or confusion. I hope this enables you to make informed decisions when purchasing lasting pieces of jewellery.

Living in the world we do, I sometimes wonder if I am contributing to mass consumerism. I then remember that humans have been making jewellery throughout history. The pieces I create are made to last – I will not make a piece that is flimsy, simply to save on metal, as this is a false economy for both myself and the customer.

I recommend settings suitable for the stone, settings that will protect and hold the stone securely for years to come.

Jewellery often has huge sentimental value, I aim to make pieces that are kept for years rather than to be worn for a single fashion season.

I strive to utilise recycled metals in my work, recycling metal scraps, melting them down and creating new pieces. I aim to use only natural, sustainable materials avoiding the use of stones that damage the environment through unsustainable mining.

My workshop is environmentally friendly as I avoid using harmful chemicals and through initiatives such as minimal packaging, which itself can be reused by the customer.

My Background

I graduated in 2005 with a Bachelor of Design in Jewellery and Metalwork (Hons) at Duncan of Jordanstone, University of Dundee, and also hold a Diploma in Gemmology from the GAA.

Since graduating, I started my business in Scotland before moving to Australia, where I continue to build a wonderfully loyal client base, who now patiently await my return from a posting in South Asia.

Many new designs and collections have evolved over the time I've lived in Bangladesh, India and now Sri Lanka. I travel where I can in South Asia, collecting and sourcing new and unusual gemstones which feature in my current collections.

Many of my pieces continue to be available through my Australian stockists and I'm always on the lookout for new outlets. Of course, I'm also available for local sales wherever I happen to be!